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ToGoSpa Blog

Crickets and Breast Masks

Posted by The ToGoSpa Crew on Oct 21, 2016 3:06:28 PM

Damn it ya'll! I said you had one week to write a blog because if this was going to be a family blog someone else was going to have pitch in! What do I get? Crickets… Bueller…Nothing!

So today's "Family" blog is once again brought to you by She Who Tweets… and I want to talk about Boobs. Yes you read that correctly... Boobs.  ;)

 Earlier this week our meeting turned to product development and I've always dreamed of the day we would launch Boobs by ToGoSpa (and yes Jason is fully supportive of this plan ;) ) This plan has been thwarted in the past by the naming process. What do you call collagen breast masks? Breasts by ToGoSpa, Mammory Masks, Headlights??

Not only does the product need a name but the catchy titles too like:

Green Tea Eyes

The Energy Drink For Your Face

AKA The Dark Circle Warrior 

So is it Breasts by ToGoSpa The Mammory Mask AKA Headlights? Or Boobs by ToGoSpa The Breast Refresher AKA Rejuvenate The Life Bringing Mounds… yes these were all suggested during our most recent meeting. (And YES I laughed till I peed a little… TMI?)


So we turned to the thesaurus and got:

bosom, bust, chest, front, mammary glands, mammilla, nipple, teat, udder

Then we turned to urban dictionary and got this:

Titstittiestig ol' bittiesboobsjugsmelonscanshootersgazongasyabbostig bittiesknockersmammariesfun bagshonkersheadlightsbapsmeat puppetsta-tasnaturalsboobiesgunsbahama mammasballoonsbawagosbig brown eyesblinkersbobambasbodacious tatasbombsbosombosoomsbouldersBristolsbubatoesbupsbust, bustsCadillac bumper bulletscasabaschestchuberteensconesgedoinkersdoorknobsfloppersfried eggsfugisgamsgazangasgolden bazoosgolden winnebagoesmoundsmountainmarshmallowsMaguffiesgrenadoeshoganshonkersitty-bitty-tittiesjalobesbazongoesbazookasbazoomsbazoosninniesnipsnupiespair, nice pair,  beamersstarter buttonshandlestatas, tittyboppersbee stingsjiggersjobesrolling hillscup cakescushionsdairy sectionhighbeamshinyackas, knobslove appleslove monkeysluscious scoops of fleshtwinslove wartswatermellonswazooswhopperswinnebagosyabosmambasmammasmammsmassive mammariesmazabasmellonsmilk factoriesMcguffiesmosquito bitesperkiespillowspimplespink chewiesracksetstackedtorpedoestowel racks.


Here's what I want to know: Can we just call them Boobs? Over the Line or Just Right?? No promises of Boobs in the future, but don't you agree they would be FUN?

Comment and tell us what you think we should call them. Also please vote for who should write next week's blog: Naj, Jason, Nate or Lori?

Until next time (probably next week if these yahoos don't pull it together!)


Erin AKA She Who Tweets and writes all the damn blogs too…

Topics: Family Business, Product Development

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