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Beach Day, Baby! ToGoSpa Style!

Posted by The ToGoSpa Crew on Jun 20, 2017 2:30:54 PM

ToGoSpa Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Day at the Beach

Summer has officially hit and the beach is calling your name. Whether its the ocean, sand or ice cream on the pier that gets you, the coast is the place to be in the summer months.  

IW and Hat.jpg

But with the cooling mist from the sea and warm summer sun we forget that it comes with some consequences. That is dry skin, clogged pores from sunscreen and dehydration. There are definitely ways to avoid these beach bums and we are going to tell you how! 

If you have dry skin… Don’t skip the moisturizer! When frolicking by the sea all day you can find yourself being out in the sun for hours which is extremely dehydrating for your skin. Naturally the sun pulls moisture and that means out of you too! So you want to make sure that you're not only bringing a jug of water to the beach (throw in some cucumber and lemons for extra support) but when you're home you are moisturizing your hair, face and body. 

 That is why we LOVE our Neroli Balm!

Neroli Flowers.jpg-994881-edited.jpeg

It’s a concentrated blast of moisture for your face AND body, a two in one. Neroli oil is extracted from the bitter orange blossom and has been used by Egyptian priests and priestesses way back when and has known properties to heal the mind, body and spirit. Not only does it have a natural floral scent, it reaches the skin at a cellular level and improves elasticity of the skin and collagen cells. This moisturizer is perfect for a day out in the sun when your skin cells need a reboot, as it also helps support skin by fighting free radical damage from the UV rays. Also a great agent for helping conditions like bacne, scars, varicose veins and stretch marks. Hello swimsuit season!

If you have clogged pours from sunscreen… Exfoliate! There are plenty of ways to exfoliate. If that is with a washing scrub, dry brush or loofah it’s definitely good to give your body a good buff either before or after your day out in the sun. 

Clogged pores are caused by sweating, sunscreen and wearing makeup too long (especially when sweating) so making sure you get a good wash by the end of the night and following up with a clarifying mask.

BC Eyes and Palm.jpg

Our Bamboo Charcoal EYES and FACE collagen masks are also a perfect solution for that. Clean up on aisle 4 please!! The bamboo charcoal detoxifies and absorbs impurities in your face leaving with a gleamy glow. So your face is revamped for the next beach festivities!

 Charcoal Face.jpg


If you’re looking for a getaway… Pack a picnic at the beach! Let’s be real, it takes us at least a solid 10 minutes to walk down to the sea, find the perfect spot to be perched at and to set up our towels and umbrella. Instead of packing it all up mid day to get some lunch, leave your nurtured space untouched the whole day by packing a cooler with spritzers, The Spritz, a homemade goodies, snacks and of course some sweet treats. Items like cheese and crackers, sandwiches, nut butters and fresh fruit are the perfect to-go lunch and will keep cool under a few icepacks all day. Also prepping a batch of lemonade the night before will add a tart twist to your lunch box. Don’t forget the dark chocolate and Coconut Lips by ToGoSpa!

Tropical Lips.jpg

To sum it up it’s pretty simple, HAVE FUN at the beach but make sure you nurture your sun kissed skin pre and post date for your most beautiful YOU!

Jason and Coconut.jpg



The ToGoSpa Crew


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