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10 Reasons I Love Working With My Brother

Posted by Erin on Oct 14, 2016 1:37:45 PM

When you're in family business things aren't always easy but for us most of the time it's A LOT of fun! Here are 10 reasons why I love working with my brother!

  1. He makes me laugh A LOT- literally more than anyone on the planet. Sometimes it’s at him but most of the time it’s with him. 


  1. I can read his mind... or maybe just finish his sentences. When you've known someone 35 years you just get where they're going. 


  1. We have the same laugh meter - if he gives it an LOL I do the same. If I think it's a Haha, he agrees.Picture_Ready_Day_Or_Night.jpg


  1. We both still love the same ice cream from when we were kids- Thrifty’s Chocolate Malted Crunch and he stashes it in the back freezer for me.


  1. When mom’s mad at him I'm in the clear!Road_Trippin.jpg


  1. When mom’s mad at me he's in the clear! I’ll let you guess which happens more.


  1. Lunch (or Dinner)  dates with Mom, Dad, my brother and my husband on a Tuesday are awesome and make me feel blessed every time. Oh and he’ll eat whatever I don't finish. :)Best_Dinner_EVER.jpg


  1. He loves going for massages as much as I do. He's my ride or die buddy when it comes to Spa Days.


  1. We’re travel compatible, as we should be since we’ve been travelling together all our lives.  This is a good thing as we travel together a lot these days, and there’s nobody else that’s a more compatible traveler for me. Trust me when I say, it’s NEVER dull and as a bonus he lets me pick the radio stations.First_Solo_Ride_Without_Naj.jpg


  1. We’ve agreed upon “leave it alone things”- i.e.
  • Phone use- I don’t care if he’s on his phone the whole time - it's not my business. 
  • Curfew - I am not his mama!  
  • Coffee - leave mine alone!
These are subjects that Naj doesn't always seem to respect since she is still trying to make us into better people and all... so traveling with Jason is just easier. 





Tune in next week for 10 Reasons Working with Your Sibling Is A HUGE Mistake and Why I May End Up In Jail.

J/K I’m making someone else write next week!


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